About Us

ARMUS believes that accurate and timely interpretation of clinical information can and will improve the quality of healthcare. Our ultimate goal of improving quality and outcomes for patients is what motivates everything that we do.  We know this can only be achieved through constant improvement of services, information technology, and reporting in an engaged collaborative partnership.

ARMUS Corporation was born in 1992, launching as a startup single-specialty vendor.  Our dedicated team has grown in size and has achieved excellence in multiple clinical specialties while consistently producing technological innovations.  ARMUS works with small regional hospitals, major academic institutions, regional initiatives, large health systems and corporations. We have earned a stellar reputation in the industry and are recognized by our clients and partners for our superior products and support.

Key to the success of ARMUS has been our collaboration with our clients.  Over the many years of hands-on experience has taught us that being a certified vendor with the best software at the best price is not enough. We have learned to recognize every clinic and surgical center as its own ecosystem, with unique individuals, and unique patients.  ARMUS’ commitment to addressing clients’ individual needs while not losing sight of our primary goal of improving healthcare quality has driven our success.  Our vision is to be more than just a vendor — rather, to be a trusted partner.