ARMUS is always releasing new technologies to address changing customer, market, and technological requirements. Whether it is the highly customizable Outcomes3 platform, the relational OCx platform, or the next-generation Hybrid platform, ARMUS can provide you with the optimal set of tools to help you reach your goals.


All ARMUS technologies and services are hosted in a secure cloud environment.  There is no hardware or software installation at your site. Our entire product suite can be utilized at your site without any IT involvement, provided an uninterrupted Internet connection exists.  New services and applications can be deployed to your staff live, and you don’t have to worry about IT costs.


ARMUS is an industry-leader in security and HIPAA compliance. ARMUS has obtained certification via third party that its products, services, environment, and company protocols are compliant with the latest HIPAA, HiTECH, and Omnibus regulations mandated by the federal government. Many clinical institutions aren’t even aware of these regulations – is your organization protected?

Database on Demand

Given a clean data specification, ARMUS can deploy a registry with functional data entry and reporting within 24 hours.  The limitation here is not technology, but the experience and expertise required to define a clean specification.  Consult with ARMUS professional services for further information.


Ad Hoc Reporting