Introducing Hybrid – A fusion of all of your clinical registry needs in one cloud-based platform.

We at ARMUS believe that accurate and timely interpretation of clinical information can and will improve the quality of healthcare and patients’ lives. We know this can only be achieved through constant improvement of services, information technology, and reporting in an engaged collaborative partnership.

Patient Centric Approach: HYBRID from the ground up is designed to be patient centric. Once a patient is entered into the system, users don’t need to re-enter common patient demographic information for subsequent admissions or additional registries. Users pull up the patient record and add a new admission record to the patient. Multiple procedures and surgeries can be added to an admission.

Data Validation for ALL Incoming Data: Regardless of how the data gets into the system (via the data entry application, automated device interface, or data import) the data is validated as it enters the system. This ensures that ALL incoming data is validated using the same set of rules that were specified just once.

Data Quality Report: The data entry tool has field validation at the record level and a Data Quality Report (DQR) at the system level which can be run any time against the live data:

  • Each hospital may review their overall data quality for any given time period at any time.
  • Selecting a record in the DQR takes you to the patient record, allowing for correction and completion.
  • Changes to the data are reflected immediately in the DQR.

Real-time Predefined and Ad Hoc Reporting: HYBRID has both standard (predefined) and ad hoc (custom) reports. We are continually updating our standard reporting library based on client requirements. HYBRID ad hoc allows users to design, build, and instantly generate customized reports through a click and drag interface.

Multiple Data Version Support: HYBRID has built-in support of multiple data versions per registry. This provides the appropriate data entry forms, with corresponding definitions and validation rules, and cross version reporting.

Multiple Specialty/Registry Support: HYBRID is designed to host multiple clinical registries within a single database, allowing sharing of data and seamless navigation between clinical registries under a single-sign-on. Users can be trained on one software system to manage all registries.

Data Sharing Between Registries: In HYBRID, all clinical registries are managed in a single application allowing data to be mapped across registries. The mapping of data allows auto population of fields that are similarly defined, improving accuracy and saving time on data entry.

Access management: Access to HYBRID is privilege based and is granted per registry based on user responsibility. Access may be further configured to functional areas such as data entry, harvesting, reporting, and administrative functions. Permissions may be configured to allow different levels of access at the individual hospital or system/corporation/state level.

Data Security: ARMUS Corporation is dedicated to ensuring the privacy and security of our client’s data. ARMUS continuously monitors policies, procedures, processes, and environment to ensure that we meet or exceed HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus standards. Security

Efficient Registry Development: The HYBRID architecture provides the flexibility of developing and maintaining society and custom registries. Defining a new registry or adding new elements to an existing registry can be done without extensive code development, allowing for quick turnaround time.

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