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For more than twenty years ARMUS has provided data management and data science services to hundreds of institutions around the world, including healthcare systems, payors, medical device companies, and premiere medical societies.

"Innovators and Game-Changers don't wait

for others to follow, they lead the pack. 

Way to go Team ARMUS!


Marvin Borja, M.D. The Johns Hopkins University

Our proprietary HYBRID Clinical Registry and Reporting technology platform, delivered on the most advanced Google Cloud environment, allows us to develop custom data registry solutions, reports and dashboards at lightning speed.

Registry Development and
Hosting Services

HYBRID is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based registry solution that transforms patient centric registries into a modern quality, safety and research platform.


Advanced features:


  • Reduced registry development time with no risk

  • Clinical registry data version support

  • Online collaboration during registry development

  • Simplified registry management

  • Data mapping across clinical registries

  • Data validation based on registry specific rules

  • Interoperability for EHRs and Device Interfaces

Our Services

Analytics and Reporting
  • Hundreds of standard reports with ad hoc filtering options

  • Ability to analyze common variables across multiple registries

  • Aggregate tools to bring together data across multiple hospitals

  • Data Science and Machine Learning Innovation

  • De-identified data for research

  • CMS QCDR Approval 

StartMetrix Platform
  • Dashboard for quality assessment and process improvement

  • Facilitates continuous improvement and clinical transformation

  • Heat Maps that quickly provide visual identification of areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement

Clinical and Financial Reporting
  • Link hospitals’ financial information with clinical registry data

  • Identify the impact of clinical outcomes variations on cost

  • Support performance improvements projects that result in lower costs

Data Abstraction Services
  • Highly qualified and tested abstractors for affordable costs

  • ADT and Hemodynamic interfaces

  • EMR Integration Technology

  • Simple understandable service agreements

  • NO HIDDEN costs

  • Hemodynamic Monitoring System
    • GE, Philips, McKesson, Siemens, MERGE, Fuji, others
  • ADT and EMR
    • EPIC, Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, ACSEND, DigiSonics others

ARMUS supports the following regional quality improvement collaboratives:


  • Virginia Cardiac Services Initiative  (VCSQI) - Since 2003

  • MSTCVS Quality Collaborative (Michigan) - Since 2008

  • Foundation of HealthCare Quality (FHCQ) - Since 2009

  • Maryland Cardiac Surgery Quality Initiative (MCSQI) - Since 2016



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