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Mastering Data to Improve Healthcare

Improving the quality of patient care and securing the optimum reimbursement for the hospital are two pillars of modern healthcare. They are deeply intertwined; if you deliver the former, you achieve the latter.

The thread that binds these pillars is information. To truly deliver such results, information regarding clinical procedures and related financial details must be accurately collected and expertly interpreted.

At ARMUS, helping you improve clinical outcomes is the motivation for everything that we do.  So we strive to raise the bar in services, information technology, and reporting. In this way, we create a culture of continuous improvement that adds value for our customers.  

ARMUS Corporation was founded in 1992 and began developing database applications in 1999 as a single-specialty vendor.  Since that time, we have grown, innovated, and achieved excellence in multiple fields of clinical specialty data management. We work with:

  • Small Regional Hospitals

  • Major Academic Institutions

  • Regional Initiatives

  • Large Health Systems

  • Medical Societies, and

  • Medical Device Companies

This diverse group of clients has come to rely on ARMUS for our superior products and tireless support. 

Collaboration is Key

Key to our success has been collaboration with our clients.  Simply offering a clinical registry, a place to store your data, is not enough. What will truly drive your improvement process is a modern and comprehensive solution that not only collects data, but also provides clinical and financial insight to translate that data to your own language.  

With powerful, cloud based software and associated services and a problem-solving clinical staff, ARMUS delivers the tools and insight to produce actionable data for individualized solutions. Together we establish iterative learning protocols so that our clients can keep measuring, keep analyzing, and keep improving.

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