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Clinical Registry Services

ARMUS knows that a clinical registry program can improve outcomes and reduce cost, but also that it is a complex process to a society and its participating members.  We provide the services and technologies that help registry programs attain their goals at all stages of the registry life cycle.

The ARMUS HYBRID patient centric registry platform is a cloud-based set of applications designed around the requirements of modern clinical registry. Being cloud-based and purpose-built provides specific advantages. Functional iterations of a working prototype can be delivered globally within hours, which reduces cost during exploration and development of new models. Data dictionaries generated at every iteration are 100% true to the tested application.  New data versions and upgrades are launched to all participants simultaneously.

ARMUS registry services are comprehensive. Hosting all type of data acquisition and reporting applications is just the beginning. We provide complete solutions and services:

  • For regional quality initiatives

  • Clinical experts lead multi-disciplinary discussions to:

    • define new registries and data versions 

    • help develop new reports to enhance quality improvements

    • support clinical research 

  • Assist in the management of user accounts and the associated legal requirements

  • Work with IT departments to implement automated data feeds and interfaces. 


Societies that come to rely on ARMUS technologies and services for a complete registry solution will reduce initial investment, administrative burden and overhead costs.


Data Privacy and Security


The healthcare industry is demanding higher data security from their vendors as the risks for cyber-attacks and data breaches continue to rise.  As a leader in our industry, ARMUS is committed to security as a cornerstone of everything we do.   

  • Annual attestation to HIPAA administrative, technical and physical safeguards to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.  

  • Annual audit and reports available for: 

    • SaaS Application Services Type 1 HIPAA Report on Compliance with the HIPAA Security and Breach Notification Requirements

    • SaaS Application Services Type II, SOC 2 Report on Controls Relevant to Security


Registry Development and Maintenance Services


The ARMUS HYBRID proprietary platform uses the latest and most advanced technology available today to support extremely fast registry development, data version control and data warehousing.  This state-of-the-art, cloud-based registry solution can transform patient centric registries into a modern quality, safety and research platform for years to come.  Automatic and User controlled interoperability is available for EHRs, devices and across clinical registries.


Additional Registry Services

  • Pre-Registry Assessment Planning

  • Analytic, Standard and Ad Hoc Reporting 

  • StarMetrix Visual Dashboard Platform

  • Patient Reported Outcomes

  • Customer Training and Support

  • Clinical and Financial Data Matching

  • Regional Collaborative Reporting

  • Site Registry Management and Oversight

  • Sales, Marketing, and Administrative Services

  • Data Abstraction





ARMUS Corporation was founded in 1992 and began developing database applications in 1998 as a single-specialty vendor.  Since that time, we have grown, innovated, and achieved excellence in multiple fields of clinical specialty data management. 

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